• AI

    Proprietary Machine Learning Algorithms assist in our authentication process.
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    A human specialist completes the final check in the authentication process.

At AllTheBagz, we take pride in our meticulous authentication procedure and commitment to join the fight against counterfeits.

Our Authentication Procedure

  • Before any item is posted to the AllTheBagz website, it is first photographed by a high powered magnification camera. The photographs are then analyzed by a set of proprietary algorithms that, as of October 2019, were 99% successful in spotting fakes.
  • The next step in the authentication process involves human experience: a highly qualified authentication specialist examines the item. This specialist is trained in specific brand names and categories.
  • Whether it is a handbag or an accessory item, the authentication of every piece is reviewed and inspected to ensure that its details meet with established standards of quality. We check stamping, stitching, hardware, authenticity stamps, date codes, serial number (where applicable), materials and craftsmanship to determine authenticity.

We stand by our authentication procedure and offer a 100% refund for any item we sell that proves to be non-authentic.

We are NOT authorized resellers of any of the brands that we are selling.