Purchasing an Hermès Birkin or Kelly is a significant investment. You probably spent a tremendous amount of time and energy making the important decision, just to be disappointed when the sales associate told you there were none available. And chances are, you either waited a year on Hermès mysterious “waitlist” or paid dearly to the reseller to acquire the bag of your dreams on your behalf. In any case, owning a Birkin bag or Kelly bag requires diligence. Follow the advice from Dr. Bagz to give your bag the care it deserves:


[photo of birkins]


Whether you use your bag on a regular basis or for an occasional night out, proper storage is the key to longevity. After using your bag, air it out for two hours before putting it into storage. To store, place the Birkin or Kelly inside its dust cover (included at the time of retail purchase), lay the bag with its dust cover on the bag's back side, and store inside the original Hermes orange box. Be sure NOT to throw out the box, as the box holds monetary value (around 250 USD). Additionally, store your bag at room temperature, rather than in an excessively cold or hot location. 

Rain Protection

Leather is not fond of rain or any type of moisture. Consequently, use the raincoat that came with the bag whenever it is raining or snowing. Store the custom raincoat in the interior part of your bag so that you are prepared for sudden weather changes. Additionally, avoid drinking beverages within close proximity to your luxury bag.


[picture of raincoat]


Cleaning your Bag

Another way to maintain your Birkin bag or Kelly bag is to clean it on a regular basis. Use unscented baby wipes that do not contain alcohol or chlorine and gently clean any dirty areas. Never use force when cleaning your bag. Remember that leather is not a huge fan of water. Accordingly, avoid using water to wipe the material on the inside or outside of your bag.

Dealing with Odors

Odors on your prized Birkin or Kelly bag are easy to remove. Simply place a box filled with baking soda inside your bag. Allow the baking soda to perform its magic spell for several hours before removing the box.

Preventing Danger

Do not place makeup directly inside the bag. Store mascara, lipstick and lip gloss in a cosmetic pouch that protects your bag from stains. Never store a pen directly inside your Hermès Birkin bag, as the pen can leak and spill ink.

You can also prevent objectionable stains on the bag’s interior by purchasing a special Fourbi bag insert so that your bag’s interior looks as fresh as the day you first encountered its charming personality. A Fourbi is a protective bag that is placed in the interior portion of your Birkin bag or Kelly bag. 

Additionally, do not overload your luxury bag, as doing so may cause it to lose its shape.

Do not rummage through your bag unless you first wash your hands. Beware of the danger possessed by a pair of seemingly innocent jeans. Rubbing your bag against a favorite pair of jeans may cause dye transfer from either to jean to the bag or vice versa.

Cleaning Spills or Stains

Use a soft, dry cloth to wipe up any liquid that accidentally leaked onto or into your Birkin bag or Kelly bag. Next, air out the bag. Unfortunately, unwanted accidents may occur. If your bag suffers from a horrible spill or stain, you can always take it to the Hermès spa. Hermès will refurbish any of their leather products, at cost. Common repairs include scratch removals and hardware replacements.

[before and after pictures]

Now that you know how to care for your Hermès Birkin bag or Kelly bag, you may find it interesting to learn that your prized investment, when properly cared for, can last for at least 100 years. After all your Birkin bag or Kelly bag has been crafted by masters of the trade. Take proper care of your bag to ensure that it has a happy, productive life.